• Maintenance - Industrial Sustainability and Maintenance Technology Exhibition

    Maintenance - Industrial Sustainability and Maintenance Technology Exhibition

    18 April 2019, Thursday

    ICEC-Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı – İstanbul

Main targets of ındustrial facilities: Maintain, Productivity, Sustainability.

Solutions, technologies and innovative developments... Facility managers, maintenance specialists and the suppliers who present materials, products, solutions and services for the fields of "maintenance" and "sustainability" will come together at Maintenance Istanbul Exhibition.
Maintenance technology and modern facility management techniques and systems are extremely important for the economic operability of the industrial facilities. Production & operability processes, controlling technology, building protection and maintenance, facility management models, special equipment, certification and risk management systems are all indispensable fields of the sustainability in facilities.

Maintenance Istanbul Exhibition is targeting three basic consepts for "Maintain":
> Technological Upgrade >>> Innovations and technological facility renovations and upgrades for all industrial processes.
> Industrial Maintenance >>>
Heavy-maintenance and precision-maintenance applications for all production and control periods, devices and technologies for productivity of the industrial facilities....
> Sustainability >>> Industrial models, applications and technologies for planned maintain, productivity and sustainability.

Maintenance Istanbul Exhibition will be an appropriate business platform for all concerned sectors to present the materials, products, technology and services for the increasing demand of the facility managers and professionals who require solutions for the sustainability in their facilities. We invite the concerned industries to establish new business contacts in this rapidly developing field and to take a place in the future-oriented market of Turkey.


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